Our Brand Story

When looking for a brand that represents the style of sleek, opulent classy and attractive. There aren't that many in today's fashion, You have so many brands that cater to such a broad spectrum of every style possible. Posh & Vain wanted to create a certain a brand that represents those type of women. The woman that is prompt with her agenda, the woman that is professional with a fashionable edge, the woman that takes pride in fashion design and quality material.

Posh & Vain is a timed craft, We believe the time and effort we take to hand pick each item is very important, and is a huge representation of the company's brand. One of our main daily task is being confident in our material. Keeping in mind our clients reciprocity.

We are really Honored & Excited to present to you The Brand Of Posh & Vain.


CEO Paris Ward

& Team Posh & Vain

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